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            With the development of economy and the advancement of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements on the comprehensive performance of metal materials, and the academic research on materials has become more and more in-depth and diversified. In recent years, it has been discovered that new materials can also be obtained by modulating the "order" or "entropy" of materials.

            The high-entropy alloy is a typical "concentrated solution" different from the traditional alloy "dilute solid solution", and has five characteristics: [1] good stability at high temperature; [2] low temperature and high toughness; [3] anti-irradiation swelling rate; [4] Slow diffusion effect; [5] Low grain boundary energy and stacking fault energy.

            So far, high-entropy alloys with face-centered cubic (FCC), body-centered cubic (BCC), and close-packed hexagonal (HCP) structures have been discovered. Thus, ternary and quaternary alloys can also form simple disordered solid solution structures. Compared with traditional alloys, the ternary or quaternary equiatomic alloys have a significantly higher mixing entropy than the conventional alloys. The precipitated phases present in some high-entropy alloys can enhance the strength and creep resistance of the alloy.

            High-entropy alloys have some excellent properties unmatched by traditional alloys, such as high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high thermal resistance, high resistivity, high temperature oxidation resistance, high temperature softening resistance, etc. Layer materials, low temperature structural materials, thermoelectric materials, superconducting materials, aerospace materials will have very good application prospects.

            Jiangsu Willari New Material Technology Co., Ltd. uses vacuum induction gas atomization melting to prepare high-entropy alloy powder. The spherical metal powder produced has the advantages of uniform composition, low oxygen content and good sphericity.

            At present, more than 50 kinds of high-entropy alloy composition systems have been produced, from ternary to seven yuan, from equiatomic ratio to non-equiatomic ratio. Personalized customized materials, customers cover nearly 200 colleges and universities at home and abroad, powder has been used in a variety of In the field, it matches the processing technology of additive manufacturing, laser cladding, powder metallurgy and so on.